A medspa butt enhancement formula for extraordinary results

cosmetologist applying gel to client's bank end for butt enhancement formula

When one body contouring technology delivers great results, can combining two technologies produce extraordinary results?  Such is the case with non-surgical butt lifts combining vacuum therapy and EMS muscle toning.  Vacuum therapy and EMS deliver great results on their own, but when combined they produce extraordinary results.  Over our twenty years of treating medspa patients,…

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Why using a massage gun leads to quicker fat loss and improved weight loss

woman using massage gun leads to quicker fat loss

Vibro-percussion therapy treatments (delivered by handheld massage guns) are an incredibly efficient and affordable way to improve results from fat reduction treatments.  Long used by chiropractors and physical therapists for muscles and joints, the technology has now been adopted by body contouring industry trendsetters. In this article, learn all about this exciting new body contouring…

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