Body contouring diet recommendations: what to tell your clients

Body contouring diet recommendations

Not sure what kind of diet to recommend for your clients undergoing fat reduction treatments?  Read further to learn the best body contouring diet recommendations for your fat reduction clients.   A review of how non-invasive fat reduction works and why your clients need to follow diet instructions while undergoing body contouring treatments Non-invasive fat…

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Don’t break the body contouring marketing rules!

body contouring marketing

In our last blog article, Want leads?  6 reasons to use social media marketing in your body contouring business, we discussed the six reasons why you must include a social media strategy in your body contouring business game plan.  But we didn’t discuss what body contouring marketing is and how to develop your body contouring…

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How to build wow! body contouring treatment plans

body contouring treatment plans

Body contouring technologies can produce amazing results, from fat reduction with lipo laser to skin tightening with radiofrequency (RF) to muscle toning with electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) and so on.  But there’s a catch.  These technologies require a series of treatments to deliver desired results.  That’s why one of the biggest perils for body contouring…

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