Stand out with fat freezing: get your online cryolipolysis certification

cryolipolysis fat freezing certification course

You’re sure to stand out as a body sculpting expert if you get certified in cryolipolysis.  That’s because fat freezing technology is ‘the original’ fat blaster, and the most well known of all non-invasive body shaping treatments.  How many of your clients, friends and family have already asked you about ‘Coolsculpting?’  So isn’t it time…

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Murder charges expose underground butt sculpt injections crime ring

butt sculpt injections

It has all the makings of a highly-acclaimed docudrama…celebrity, utter shock…and death.  And to think the story revolves around body contouring, butt sculpt injections specifically.   After the news became public, nearly as many as 100 people have come forward claiming they or a loved one have been harmed, according to LAPD Deputy Chief Alan…

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