The Ultimate Body Contouring Supply List with FREE pdf Checklist

Body Contouring Supply List

What supplies do you need to start doing body contouring, to open your new body sculpting business?  Whether you have a home based business or you’re working from a storefront, you will need the same supplies.  In this article, we lay out all of your body contouring supply essentials in our Ultimate Body Contouring Supply…

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Learn how to treat large areas of fat with this Lipo Laser certification course

Lipo laser certification course

It’s not uncommon for clients to request treatment for a ‘large area’ of unwanted fat, much larger than we can treat effectively with other technologies.  That’s because with most non-invasive body contouring treatments, we are limited to treating smaller ‘target areas’ with one treatment cycle.  Treating larger areas requires a second run of the machine,…

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How to price your body contouring treatments to maximize profits

how to price your body contouring treatments

How much can you make doing body contouring?  That all depends on how you price your services, which can be tricky.  If you set prices too high, you could miss out on valuable sales.  Set them too low, you miss out on valuable income.  To maximize profits, you must use the right pricing strategy.  We’ll…

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Why your body sculpting training plan needs this Pressotherapy course

body sculpting training

Are you looking to add the hottest offerings to your treatment menu?  Consider adding a treatment that enhances the results of ultrasonic cavitation, lipo laser, vacuum therapy, cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis, RF, and virtually all other body sculpting treatments…in addition to delivering amazing body sculpting benefits of its own. It’s Pressotherapy.  And you can add Pressotherapy…

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How to choose the best body contouring machines for your business

Choose the best body contouring machines

Whether you’re opening a body contouring business or adding body contouring services to your existing business, choosing the best body contouring machines is one of the most critical decisions you have to make.  After all, your business success is contingent upon your ability to solve your client’s body concerns.  And to do that, you need…

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