An introduction to non-invasive body contouring

female body with outline and arrows outlining body

For the past several years, non-invasive body contouring treatments have been soaring in popularity.  The treatments offer affordable body shaping results with minimal to no discomfort. Clearly, incorporating body contouring treatments can dramatically increase your client base and your revenue….but finding the information you need to do so can be difficult and confusing.  In this…

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Why vacuum therapy technology is a menu must-have

Vacuum Therapy Revenue, body contouring

Choosing technologies for your business is hard.  Should you choose the hottest trend or the longest running?  Maybe instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that the red hot trendy treatments continue in popularity, it’d be smart to choose a sure bet with a long running history of being consistently successful.  Vacuum therapy technology leads…

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Top-selling holistic body contouring treatments perfect for your non-medical aesthetic business

woman at front dest showing woman a brochure of holistic body contouring treatments

As a non-medical aesthetic professional without a physician in your business, what body contouring services can you offer?  Maybe you’re an esthetician, massage therapist, body contouring technician, cosmetologist, fitness trainer, weight loss center, day spa or other professional.  You can’t purchase and operate medical grade body contouring equipment without a physician.  But you can offer…

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Multiply your body contouring earnings with ‘Set It and Exit’ treatments

body contouring technician applying lipo laser applicators to the thighs of a female client

True, you can’t clone yourself.  But there are ways to multiply your body contouring earnings without increasing your workload or hiring additional team members.  That’s by using the same efficiency measures practiced by the most profitable body contouring businesses, ‘Set It and Exit treatments.’   In this article, we’ll tell you all about Set It…

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