A handy guide to using whole body vibration therapy for weight loss support

Whole body vibration therapy provides so many benefits.  For instance, at our med spa we use vibration therapy’s amazing ability to boost lymphatic drainage to accelerate results from non-invasive fat reduction treatments.  Body contouring treatments kill fat cells, but the patient’s lymphatic system must eliminate the fat cells from the body before seeing any sculpting…

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Why you should use this machine to launch your body contouring business

woman in black dress smiling with a thinking about machine to launch body contouring business

After twenty years of owning and operating medspas, we’re hard pressed to name a favorite body contouring machine.   But to recommend a first machine?  A machine to use to launch your body contouring practice?  That’s different.  We can definitely say there is one machine that beats the rest…for a lot of reasons.  Since this is…

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Your fat cavitation education must include sleep and here’s why

woman sleeping on bed as advised from fat cavitation education post treatment

Your fat cavitation education most likely includes instructions like alcohol avoidance, increased water consumption, moderate exercise and a healthy diet.  But does your fat cavitation education include instructions about sleep?  Likely not, since the relationship between a patient’s sleep and its effect on fat-promoting brain changes and lymphatic system performance is all too often overlooked…

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