How profitable body contouring business owners don’t miss a single detail in their business’ physical attributes

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The physical attributes of your body contouring business have a positive or negative effect on your bottom line.  And the problem is, you spend so much time in your business that you just don’t see it from your client’s perspective.  Profitable body contouring business owners pay attention to every detail that impacts their business. They take deliberate steps to shape their client’s perception of their business in everything they do, including the physical attributes of their business.  And as the saying goes, the devil is in the details.


  • It’s safe to say that all body contouring business owners do all they can to provide a great physical setting to deliver their body contouring services.
  • So what is it that profitable body contouring business owners do that the others do not?
  • They use the Client’s Eye View™ process to deliberately shape their client’s perceptions of their body contouring business…working through every last detail.
  • We’ll take you step by step through the Client’s Eye View™ Process in this article so you can join the ranks of the most profitable body contouring business owners.


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Why is every last detail of the physical attributes so important to a profitable body contouring business?


It’s because your ability to

  • Command higher fees
  • Convert more sales
  • Build a super profitable body contouring business

is directly correlated with what your clients see, feel and experience at your physical location.


How do the physical attributes of your business affect your body contouring client’s perception of your business?


When was the last time you entered your business via the front parking lot and the front door?

Sat in your waiting room observing what your clients see, hear, feel, smell?

Observed client interactions with your front desk?

Spent some time in your treatment room, sat in a chair or on the treatment table?

Observed the client’s check out experience?


What is Client Perception?

  • Perception is how a person interprets external stimuli, interactions and feelings.
  • Your client’s perception encompasses all of her feelings, beliefs and expectations about your business based on her cumulative experiences with your business.


You have the power to shape your client’s perception of your business, so take the steps to shape it the way you want your business to be perceived.


What is the Client Perspective?

  • A perspective is a person’s point of view – it’s the lens through which they see the world.
  • Perspectives are based on experiences, so everyone has different perspectives.


You cannot change your client’s perspective, but you can understand it and use it to shape her perception of your business.    


What is the Client’s Eye View™?

  • The Client’s Eye View™ is a process that encompasses both client perspective and client perception.
  • Taking the steps through the Client’s Eye View™ process helps to overcome your sensory adaptation. . Sensory adaptation is a term used to describe a normal human response to seeing the same surroundings over and over again.  Because we see our business day in and day out, we stop noticing things that our clients do notice.
  • The Client’s Eye View™ allows you to look at things through your client’s eyes, using her perspective, and allows you to shape her perception of your business.
  • As you go through the process, make sure your body contouring business brand is carried over consistently into all aspects of your business.


Use the Client’s Eye View™ to

  • Deliver VIP Body Contouring Services
  • Charge VIP Fees and
  • Join the ranks of the most Profitable Body Contouring Business Owners



The Client’s Eye View™



Start the process from outside of your business building

Make sure your body contouring services are prominent


  • Include signage about your body contouring services and include your USP or tagline for body contouring, if possible
  • Signage can be as simple as (1) a chalkboard on an easel outside your front door or by your front desk; (2) if you are adding body contouring to your existing business, an additional sign about body contouring below your business name displayed on your suite, door or window; (3) if it’s feasible and applicable, add body contouring to your marquis sign


Check your Waiting Area/Lobby

Do you combine your body contouring clients with other types of clients, such as pain relief, diagnostic, etc?

If so, go through the process looking at it through a body contouring client’s eyes.


  • Must be clean, neat and as updated as possible (look at the paint on the walls, the ceiling, lighting, signage posted, flooring, etc.)
  • Ideal – You may need to segregate types of clients; do not combine certain clients with aesthetic clients.  For example, if you are a chiropractor offering body contouring services, find a way to separate the pain patients from the body contouring clients.
  • Overhead music vs television:
  • Your choice of music is part of your brand, choose it carefully and make sure it stays consistent
  • If television, display information about your treatments – can be muted with music overhead or no music with audio
  • Your educational television is part of your brand; it must be consistent
  • Do not allow body contouring clients to spend a lot of time in your waiting room; keep their wait to a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Select a fragrance to brand your business and use it in your waiting area and any areas where your body contouring clients visit.  Do not deviate from the branded fragrance.
  • You don’t have to spend a ton of money; you can use plugins from stores like Bath & Body Works
  • Make sure your furnishings are not stained, torn or otherwise in disrepair


Check your Front Desk

Many business owners add body contouring to their existing business.  This can be a great thing, but the combination of clients can make getting the right details more complicated.

To be a profitable body contouring business, your Front Desk must make your body contouring clients feel special.

Your body contouring clients need to feel so valuable that they want to choose you for body contouring and spend a large amount of cash at your business.


  • Receptionist/Front Desk must greet patients with a smile
  • Now’s the time to brand your special greeting
  • For example, at our medical spa, we say “Welcome to Sculpt Away!” or “Welcome Back to Sculpt Away” rather than hello or good afternoon or May I help you? (we follow with these greetings)
  • Greet all of your body contouring clients this way every time
  • When making the determination that the client is a body contouring client, the front desk personnel should tell her something like, “I bet you’re excited!  I’m so excited for you!” displaying genuine enthusiasm and excitement
  • Also when determining the client is a body contouring client, the Receptionist should not allow that client to wait more than 5 minutes in your waiting room
  • The Receptionist should alert you or the designated Body Contouring team member immediately and watch the time
  • The Receptionist must be accountable for keeping the waiting time to under 5 minutes
  • Create a back-up plan in case you or the designated body contouring specialist is delayed; consider designating an alternate or train multiple staff in the basics
  • Do not accomplish any intake procedures on other clients, i.e. pain clients, while the body contouring client is in the lobby area; you do not want your body contouring client to focus on anything other than your business as a body contouring business
  • It’s best to have two separate waiting areas, if possible


Check your team – you, your body contouring team, your designated body contouring team members

‘Special treatment’ should be consistently delivered to your body contouring clients if you want to join the ranks of the most profitable body contouring business owners.


  • The designated body contouring team member should go out into the waiting area, walk up to the client, greet the client with a smile and the branded greeting, introduce herself (shake hands if appropriate) and invite the client to come back with her; she should not stand at the door and call out her name
  • She should escort the client to the designated room talking with the client all along the way displaying genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the client’s interest in body contouring
  • The discussion should be warm and convey her genuine interest in the client, i.e. How has your day been going?  Did you have any trouble finding our location?  How was the traffic?
  • We encourage the body contouring team member to find something she likes about what the client is wearing or her hairstyle and compliment her about it.  This should not be disingenuine because you can usually find something you like, i.e. purse, earrings, shirt, hair color, etc.
  • Show the client to the designated room and tell her something like this, “this is where we’ll be telling you all about how we can reduce that stubborn fat” (if consultation) or “this is where you’ll be spending a while with us getting rid of that stubborn fat for good!” (for treatment) or “Welcome to our Body Shaping Room!”
  • Offer the client something to drink (consider having beverages such as water, flavored water, green tea) and make her comfortable
  • Start intake procedures (paperwork, collect fees, etc.)


Check your Treatment/Consultation Rooms

Do you have dedicated rooms for body contouring treatments or do you share your treatment rooms between body contouring and other types of clients, like pain clients?


  • If you share your treatment rooms with non-aesthetic clients, you should take one or two of those treatment rooms to dedicate to body contouring services
  • If you have just one room to spare for body contouring, equip that one room for consultations, photos/measurements, and treatments
  • If you have space for just one body contouring treatment/consultation room
    • Must have adequate space for a small desk & chair and two other chairs (consultations)
    • Must also have space for a treatment table and the body contouring equipment
    • Scales for weight
    • Unobstructed full length wall-mounted mirror
  • If you have adequate space for multiple rooms
    • Before/After photos can be done on the back of a door in a treatment room; use a consistent solid background color and consider your business brand when choosing. Or you can dedicate an entire room to pre-treatment processes such as weight, measurements, consent form and photos
  • Walls, counters, cabinets, furnishings, flooring
    • What is your brand?  Brand with your colors on the walls and linens (to coordinate with your body contouring literature, website and advertising)
    • Make sure your counters and cabinets are free of marks or chips and in good condition
    • It may be time to paint/replace cabinets and/or replace countertops.  You don’t need much counter space or cabinetry in this room
  • Everything must look new and fresh.  Make the investment if needed
  • You need fresh paint.  Paint walls each year
  • New linens (pillow, pillow cases, linen covers and drapes); Discard old linens and do not use paper drapes  
  • Invest in nice furnishings for your body contouring room(s) and select furnishings that promote your brand
  • Does the pre-existing flooring look new and fresh?  If not, replace
  • Signage on the walls
    • Okay to cross promote with other aesthetic treatments but NO medical treatments
    • Keep walls clean and neat, not cluttered with signage
  • Overhead music and/or television – have music specifically for this room that is
    • Adjustable in volume
    • Adjustable in variety  (give clients their choice in music during treatment)
    • Optional: A flat screen television mounted on the wall appears high class and high tech
      • You could use it to display educational videos and before/after photos
      • You also could offer streaming programs during treatments but we have found it’s best to forego tv and instead, support and educate your client during the treatments
  • Remove
    • Sharps containers on the wall or counters (hide them inside cabinets)
    • Microscopes
    • Stirrups on your exam table
    • Medical signage on walls such as Insurance Information, HIPAA Notices, etc.
  • Attention to detail is a must.  All the way down to the trash can in the room.  If it’s visible, it must be really nice, clean and go with your decor.


Check your process of checking out & making return appointments


  • Do not check the body contouring client in or out in the waiting area if the waiting area is used for other types of clients too
  • Ideally, check the client out in a designated body contouring room
  • Do not make return appointments in the waiting area
  • Make return appointments while the client is in the designated body contouring room
  • When the client is exiting, walk the client all the way out the front door, not just to the door to the waiting room
  • Hold the front door open for the client
  • Tell her good-bye and remind her to call with any questions and to ask for you (designated body contouring team member); remind her that that’s why you’re here – for her!
  • Remind her you will call her tomorrow to see how she is feeling and to answer any questions she might have


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