Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt: Treat your clients to an envious booty

Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt, vacuum therapy, body contouring

Since reality stars first delighted audiences with their super-enhanced tushes, we’ve seen a rise in butt lift requests and procedures.  And that trend is not slowing down.


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The dawn and explosion of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

We’ve watched as the number of surgical butt procedures doubled since 2013.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery remains the fastest growing surgery for plastic surgeons in the U.S.  


A Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuction, fat transfer, and gluteal transplants (when necessary or desired) to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.


The surgery, despite its popularity, has some downsides.  It’s expensive, around $5000 or more, requires 6-8 weeks downtime plus restrictions such as ‘avoid sitting,’ and comes with side effects such as pain, bleeding and swelling.  It comes as no surprise that many of those wishing to enhance their derriere seek out preferred non-surgical options.


Unveil the Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt treatment!  

This treatment involves no incisions, no liposuction, no needles, and no implants.  Instead, it utilizes Vacuum Therapy technology to simultaneously

  • stimulate and tone the gluteus muscles, 
  • increase venous and lymphatic flow to the buttocks area to enhance size and shape, and 
  • encourage collagen and elastin production for improved skin tone and reduce dimpled appearance.    


Clients love the Instant Improvement of the Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt treatment

Though results continue to improve over a series of treatments, clients can see instant improvement after just one treatment!  We know you agree that we in the aesthetics world don’t offer many treatments with the instant gratification we see with the Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt treatment.


The downside? 

 Results are not permanent.  But then again, what cosmetic or aesthetic treatments come with a permanent results promise?


Simply address this by giving your client a maintenance schedule and ‘homework.’.  

Most of our Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt maintenance schedules require a couple of treatments every 3-6 months, depending on the client.  Clients won’t mind coming in, and they love love love the booty re-enhancement.


And the homework?  It’s what you’d expect: work out the glutes with squats or something similar, plus walking or running and following a healthy diet.  Nothing extreme.  You can compare it to home skin care instructions after a microdermabrasion.


Give your clients the enhanced buttocks they desire.  

Vacuum Therapy technology. It’s not just for Buttocks, it’s a 4-in-1 Solution!


  • Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt for butt enhancement


  • Vacuum Therapy Lipo Sculpt for fat reduction


  • Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt for cellulite reduction 


  • Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming for detox & generalized slimming


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