How to use educational content to attract leads to your business

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We don’t have to say it.  Attracting leads is the life force of your business.  Question is since there’s so many different ways to attract leads, how do you choose the best ways for your business?  As successful medspa owners, we encourage every personal services business (day spa, skin care, massage, etc.) to use educational content to attract leads, which is known as content marketing.   


We can practically guarantee educational content (content marketing) will

(1) drive traffic to your website,

(2) establish your authority,

(3) build trust with your audience, and

(4) ultimately convert your leads to customers.


In this article, we’ll tell you how to use educational content to attract leads that will ultimately become your paying clients.

What is content marketing, i.e. providing educational content?

Put simply, content marketing is providing your target market with helpful, relevant information.


When you provide educational content, your business is

  • Providing wanted information
  • Building trust
  • Establishing your authority
  • Staying top of mind
  • Creating relationships

Why using educational content to attract leads to your business is smart?

  • When a new lead discovers your business, you have to provide them with enough reasons to keep them interested in your business…and eager to learn more from you.
  • Since you need to appeal to your target market and attract them to your business, the educational content you provide on your website should be both useful and relevant.
  • This continued relationship using educational content is what puts them on the path to eventually become your customer and purchase from you.


Put simply, educational content works.

That’s why 82% of professional marketers utilize educational content to attract leads.

What are the most effective ways for you to provide educational content to attract leads?

There are numerous ways to use educational content to attract leads, but you implement them all.


Instead you should focus on what’s most effective for your particular type of business, a personal services business.


We recommend using a combination of digital and offline tactics.


DIGITAL Educational Content



  • Homepage
  • Services page
  • Blog page


Social media

  • Repurpose website content


Nurturing emails

  • Use nurturing emails to follow up

OFFLINE Educational Content


Educational content delivered in-person 

  • Host quarterly educational events at your business
  • Participate in community events


Here’s a breakdown of each of the recommended ways to provide educational content to attract leads.

DIGITAL Educational Content

I. Informative descriptions of your services, treatments and products on your website



  • Do you have a treatment or a service that your business brand is known for?  Or if you don’t, what is your most profitable service or treatment?
  • You need this service/treatment placed prominently on your homepage.
  • Highlight it there.
  • Be aware that you don’t have long to catch your website visitor’s attention…just an average of 62 seconds.
  • So resist the urge to put everything about the service or treatment on the homepage and instead give the visitor reasons why she should want to learn more from you.
  • Make sure you have calls to action to guide your visitors to the next step.
  • No matter the length of content (as the visitor scrolls down) on your homepage, make sure to include the most appealing content above-the-fold.  

Want a good real life homepage example?  

Take a look at this body contouring business’ homepage. 


Services page

  • Your services page is one of your most viewed website pages and should be visible and easy to access from the homepage.  Make sure to add the service page or pages to the navigation bar on your home page.
  • On the services page, tell your visitors about your services.  Include a section with a description of each of your services/ treatments.
  • Include frequently asked Q & A’s about the treatments/services.
  • And if you have them, include before/after photos, client reviews or video testimonials and educational videos.


  • Customers want to do business with experts.  With blogs, you position yourself as an expert.
  • Blogs provide valuable information and education for your website visitors.
  • Blogs also convey expertise and authority.

Make sure to include Blogs in the navigation bar on your home page.


How do you know what to blog about?

  • Blog about your client’s concerns. 
  • For example, a client asks you, “I want to tone my abs but I have a little fat to lose too.  Will Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) treatments help to reduce that abdominal fat also?”
  • Your answer is a blog article!
  • When you listen to your client’s concerns, your blog article subject list will go on and on.


II.  Social Media


You don’t have to create different educational content for social media apart from your website.


Take your blogs, your service descriptions, the questions your clients ask and even the calls to action on your website, etc. and put a new spin on them for social media posts.  Repurpose your already-produced educational content.


Why is repurposing your educational content so effective?

  • You’re reaching a new or different audience
  • You’re reinforcing your authority, knowledge and expertise
  • You’re increasing your exposure

And importantly, you are saving your time.

III.  Nurturing Emails


Nurturing emails are short (fewer than 200 words), non-salesy emails that should be sent on a consistent basis at least once a month.


Nurturing emails are the best way to provide follow up educational content for clients, leads and prospects.


These emails give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise with well-written, informative, relevant content.  And they are one of the best ways to stay ‘top of mind.’

OFFLINE Educational Content

Educational content delivered in-person

Host quarterly educational events at your business

Hosting events at your business brings many benefits to your business, including positioning yourself as an expert and securing your business as a leader in the field.


We recommend hosting quarterly events and showcasing one service/treatment or ‘problem’ at each event.  For example, you could host a ‘Mommy Makeover Event” in which you include education and promotion of treatments for loose skin, stretch marks and unwanted fat.


Plan, calendar and promote these quarterly events for your clients and prospects alike.

Participate in community events

By participating in community events, you are perceived as an expert and your business as a leader in the field.


Community events are a great opportunity to support the community, get your business discovered and spread the word about your services.


⇨  Successful businesses are built on smart marketing strategies.


⇨  Using educational content to attract leads should be a big part of your personal services business’ smart marketing strategy.


⇨  Implement it today!

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