Don’t break the body contouring marketing rules!

know the rules written on chalkboard for contouring marketing

In our last blog article, Want leads?  6 reasons to use social media marketing in your body contouring business, we discussed the six reasons why you must include a social media strategy in your body contouring business game plan.  But we didn’t discuss what body contouring marketing is and how to develop your body contouring marketing plan.  We didn’t cover the progression you must take with marketing efforts, no matter what advertising medium you choose.  So in this article, we are taking a step back to outline the true purpose of body contouring marketing and address the marketing rules your body contouring business must follow.


Body Contouring Marketing Rules

  • The purpose of body contouring marketing and advertising
  • Rule No 1:  Do not sell directly from your ads; capture contact information instead
  • Rule No 2:  Act like a farmer marketer, not a hunter marketer
  • Rule No 3:  Portray yourself and your business as the expert and authority
  • Rule No 4:  Do not engage in ‘random acts of marketing.’  Develop a system instead


What is the purpose of body contouring marketing and advertising?

1 Attract Leads

The purpose of body contouring marketing and advertising is to promote your business to people who are interested in what you do.


2 Capture Leads

Then…when the interested leads respond, your business must obtain their contact information because – over a period of time – you must…


3 Nurture Leads

  • Provide value to them
  • Build trust and a relationship
  • And position yourself as an expert and authority on body contouring


4 Make Sales

Then the sales come as a natural outcome when the prospect is ready to buy.

  • The amount of time before the prospect is ready to buy varies from person to person and can take a day, a month, six months, a year or even two years.


Rule No 1

Do not sell directly from your ads.  Capture contact information instead.


The 3% Rule

Check this out.  On any given day, only 3% of your target market is ready to ‘buy right now.’  The rest is not.   


Of the remaining 97%, there’s another 7% who are getting close to ready to make a purchase and another 30% who are ‘interested, but need more time.’  The remaining 60% are curious and want to learn more…but they are a long way from buying from you.


When you try to sell directly from your ad or post, you are essentially targeting the 3% who are ready to buy right away…but you lose the other 97%.


Create a lead generating ad instead

When you use lead generating ads, you increase your target market from the mere 3% who are ready to buy to the 100% who are open to learning more about your services…and who should ultimately buy from you in the future.


You still capture the 3% who are immediate buyers but you are not doing so at the cost of losing the other 97% who just aren’t ready.


Put all of the leads in your database because if they don’t buy today, they’ll buy from you in the future.


Building relationships and your database

Does it worry you about losing the 3% when you don’t sell directly from the ad or post?


It shouldn’t.  Waiting actually provides benefits.

  1. You are showing your prospects that you want to build a relationship, not just make a quick sale.
  2. You are building your database, acting like a farmer marketer.  And just like sowing crops in the field, as your database grows…so does your business.


Let’s talk more about farmer marketers (and hunter marketers).


Rule No 2

Act like a farmer marketer, not a hunter marketer

Before we dive in, we want to credit Allan Dib, author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan.  He was first to use the analogies of farmer and hunter to marketing efforts, which define the actions so aptly.


Hunter Marketers

The hunter either comes back with a kill and has a feast or comes back empty handed and goes hungry.  The pressure is on every single day.


Hunter marketers act like hunters.

  • They spend lots of time, effort and money trying to get a new client
  • Their efforts are centered around getting the sale now
  • They may also describe their efforts as ‘getting their name out there’
  • They use discounting to attract clients
  • They try to get to the sale as soon as possible


Then…their marketing efforts and contact attempts end early when no sale is made.


On the other hand…


Farmer Marketers

The farmer plants seeds, then waters and tends to the crop.  She nurtures the crop until it’s ready to harvest.


Farmer marketers act like farmers.

  • They work to find people interested in their services
  • Once the prospect expresses interest, they capture their contact information
  • They put the information in their database
  • They use a follow-up system to nurture the prospects
  • They create relationships and build trust
  • They position themselves as an expert and authority


They stay connected with prospects and secure their position as the prospect’s go-to once the prospect is ready to buy.


Follow up does not end until the sale.  We discuss Follow Up further in Rule No 4.


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Rule No 3

Portray yourself and your business as the expert and authority

Stay in touch by email on a regular basis

  • Call your prospects as soon as possible after they respond to your lead generating ad or post or lead magnet
  • Use your prospect follow up protocol and scripts with phone calls and texts (more on that with Rule No 4)
  • Send short, informative “nurturing” emails to your prospects every 3 – 4 weeks on a regular basis

Provide interesting, educational information to your prospects and clients 

When you teach you are seen as an expert.  Teaching also shows you have a genuine interest in helping others.

A few examples of types of information you can/should share

  • Education about body issues, i.e. cellulite, loose skin, toning muscles, etc.
  • Teaching what foods to enjoy and what to avoid
  • Discussing the benefits of sleep
  • Tips on how to avoid weight gain while on vacation
  • The benefits of detox

The list goes on and on.  As body contouring providers, we have so much helpful information to share!

Share your client’s success stories

Pretty much nothing else portrays you and your business as more of an expert than client testimonials.  When your client is ecstatic and tells her story, she tells your prospects you can solve their problem too.


Worried about asking your clients for video testimonials?

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Host educational events

Your prospects and clients are eager to learn.  Presenting education positions you as an expert and authority.

  • Host Educational Events at least quarterly
  • Plan it with an Event Calendar
  • Choose a focus for each event.  For example, springtime is an excellent time to discuss cellulite and a focus on unwanted fat is great for summer
  • Start planning each Event about forty-five days in advance.
  • And thirty days before each Event, start promoting it


Rule No 4

Do not engage in ‘random acts of marketing.’  Develop a system instead


Avoid ‘random acts of marketing’

Throwing up a post or an ad here and there, printing a brochure, having a social media presence and/or a website do not amount to a system, without a cohesive plan and protocol.


Build a Marketing System

Develop a cohesive plan for marketing and advertising.  For lead generation, consider using a mix of

  • Lead magnets on your website
  • Contact forms on your website
  • Social media posts with a contact form
  • Social media posts that link to your website or lead page
  • YouTube videos with a link to a contact form or lead page
  • TV, radio, print ads with a call to action, i.e. call you, visit your website
  • Billboards with your phone number and/or website URL
  • Social media ads with a link to a lead page
  • Digital ads that link to a lead page


Your Marketing System must include a Lead/Prospect Follow Up Protocol

Accept the fact that most prospects are not ready to buy right away.


Develop a Marketing System that includes a Lead/Prospect Follow Up System, a road map by which you bring in new leads, follow them up, nurture them and ultimately convert them.


At the center of your Marketing System is your database of prospects and clients.  

  • Lead Follow up Protocol – a schedule of phone calls, emails, texts (Farmer Marketer)
  • Delivering value
  • Building trust
  • Demonstrating authority
  • Developing a relationship
  • Scripts for every step
  • Don’t stop following up.  Follow up until they buy or tell you to stop


The average business gives up on a lead way too soon

Take a look at Allan Dib’s research findings on the average business’s

Lead Follow Up Statistics

These numbers may surprise you!


The Lead comes in and immediately goes into your Lead Follow Up Protocol

Contact 1 → 50% of businesses give up after this attempt

Contact 2 → 65% of businesses give up after this attempt

Contact 3 → 70.9% of businesses give up after this attempt

Contact 4 → 80.9% of businesses give up after this attempt

Contact 5 → By now, your business has made an impression on the prospect!

Contact 6 → Nurture, allow your prospect to get to know you

Contact 7 → Continue earning trust

Contact 8 → Your business is probably the only business still in touch with the prospect

Contact 9 → You have a 90% chance your prospect will buy from your business when  she’s ready to buy

Contact 10 → Stay connected, nurture with education

Contact 11 → Stay connected, nurture with education

Contact 12 → Stay connected, nurture with education

Continue contacting until your prospect buys or tells you to stop.


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