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Body Contouring Supply List


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What supplies do you need to start doing body contouring, to open your new body sculpting business?  Whether you have a home based business or you’re working from a storefront, you will need the same supplies.  In this article, we lay out all of your body contouring supply essentials in our Ultimate Body Contouring Supply List.  We’ll tell you the essential supplies you need now, and ‘everything else supplies’ for when the time is right.  This Body Contouring Supply List is absolutely guaranteed to save you a ton of time and money.


What you can expect from this Ultimate Body Contouring Supply List article?


I. Categories, explanations, and links to purchase

We (1) break the list down into categories, (2) give you a short explanation about each product, and (3) provide links to purchase.  Most links go to Amazon.  Full Disclosure: The Body Contouring Academy participates in the Amazon Associates program, and we may earn a small commission on purchases made through the links (at no extra cost to you).  Please know we recommend only the supplies we use or have used in our Texas medical spa; they are products we trust.


II. ‘Essential’ and ‘Everything Else’

In the Body Contouring Supply List, we’ve labeled certain supplies as ‘Essential’ to help you prioritize.



III. A FREE downloadable pdf Body Contouring Supply List

In this article, we also provide you with a

FREE downloadable Body Contouring Supply List


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Whether your treatment room is a room in your home -or- a space or booth rental, make sure your treatment room(s) meets all of these elements.

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Private
  • Comfortable and Relaxing
  • Aesthetically pleasing, Uncluttered
Cute, economical and portable
Appear clean and professional
Soft and luxurious
Protect your client’s modesty
Support the head, knees and prop up on the side
Provide a sanitary barrier
Fresh comfort
Perfect for treatments and consistent pics
Sit while you treat
Ambiance (turn off overhead lighting) and use for better evaluation
No explanation needed; Get the size(s) you need
Use these wipes to kill bacteria and viruses from machines, table, surfaces
Stay stocked up with these germicidal wipes
Use to wipe and clean surfaces with alcohol or other spray disinfectant
Use after treatments to remove gel and oil from your client’s bodies
Clean inside the crevices of machines
Use to clean and disinfect surfaces
Fill with alcohol for easy use
Alternative to CaviWipes for surface germ killing
Keep your treatment room neat and tidy
Change throughout the day



You will need several universal supplies for body contouring treatments and/or services.  Your treatment/technology-specific needs, however, will vary depending on the treatments/technologies you offer.  So select the supplies that are ‘essential’ to your treatments and technologies.  As you expand your menu, refer back to the Body Contouring Supply List.

Keep your machine(s) and supplies handy and mobile
Weigh your clients at each visit
Track client’s before/after measurements
For your client’s ultimate luxury and comfort
Tuck into your client’s clothing to prevent soiling and/or use to wipe off gel and oil
Useful when your client is lying down and wants to see the treatment area
Use with your client to identify problem areas
A conductive gel must-have for many treatments
Keep plenty of this must-have conductive gel stocked
Protect your eyes from laser wavelengths
Protect your client’s eyes from laser wavelengths
To prevent frostbite burns with cryolipolysis

DETOX supplies


Promoting lymphatic function during a series of body sculpting treatments is the key to faster results and best results.

Educate your clients about the lymphatic system, and offer easy ways for your clients to comply with your advice.

Encourage water consumption by providing a bottle at each visit
Give your clients a refillable bottle with your logo on it
Smart way to provide a supercharged lymphatic massage
Glide your massage cups easily and therapeutically
Get better results and build your business.
A great add-on lymphatic assist service
A great add-on lymphatic assist service
Offer a relaxing holistic lymphatic assist treatment

SALES and MARKETING supplies


Don’t forget the supplies you need to attract clients, display your expertise, and start conversations!  Here’s some basics.

Display your promotions and change them regularly
Frame and display your Certifications
Spread the word easily and affordably!
Stickers that read ‘Ask Me about fat melting!...and more, make clients curious
The best conversation starter ever...guaranteed
Use the power of visual education to teach your clients
Focused visual education
Play your videos continuously all day

GENERAL supplies


These are supplies that are not directly related to your body sculpting business, but they’re so basic you often can’t do without!

You now wear many hats...including ‘maintenance man’
Where are you going to keep your lunch?

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