Discover the cornerstone of the body contouring marketing plan that turns leads into income

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Whether you’re starting a brand new aesthetics business or you’ve been in business for years, what you’re about to read is guaranteed to spare you so much time, money and frustration…in addition to maximizing your income.  Because in this article, we share the cornerstone of the body contouring marketing plan we used to build our 7-figure medical spa.   Read on as we discuss the foundational marketing steps that successful business owners take…and that less successful owners skip.

Today we cover

  • the customer sales journey,
  • your brand,
  • your target market and
  • your website.

Plus we show you an affordable online Body Contouring Marketing Course so you can get started growing your business now!


Coming up, we discuss advertising and review the body contouring marketing channels in our blog article entitled, How to choose the body contouring marketing channels that turn leads into income.   


Some basics first.

What is body contouring marketing?

Body contouring marketing is all about

  1. Solving a problem
  2. Conveying an understanding of the problem
  3. Offering a solution for the problem


To achieve sales and business success, you must guide your future customers down a journey.


The Body Contouring Sales Journey


Your body contouring marketing plan must successfully take your prospects along each stage of  this sales journey.


Before they become your customers, your prospects must pass through each of these stages.  They must

  1. Know you exist
  2. Like who you are and what you say
  3. Believe that you understand her problem
  4. Understand you have solutions for her problem
  5. Trust you will solve her problem
  6. Decide you and your solutions are the best choice to solve her problem


Every stage of the journey is critical and should not be overlooked or skipped.

Remember each stage.  We will be referring to these stages throughout this article.


Now on to Step One of the Body Contouring Marketing Plan.

Step One

Body Contouring Marketing Plan


Stage 1:  Know you exist


Attract leads to your business

You will only get business from customers who know you exist, right?


Lead generation is a term used to describe the combination of actions you take to attract prospects to your business for the purpose of converting them into your clients.


Even if you’re an established business…before you jump to selecting marketing channels, like placing an ad on Facebook, building a landing page or creating a google ad, if you want to achieve maximum success, you  MUST analyze and answer these questions:


  1. Who are the leads you want to attract to your business?
  2. How will you show your leads that your business is the best choice to solve their problem(s)?
  3. How will your website (a) appeal to your target market; (b) present proof to them that you may be the best choice to solve their problem(s); and (c) capture your lead’s information so you can nurture them until they become your client?


We show you how to answer each of these questions below.


PRO TIP:  It’s natural to want to skip questions 1 and 2 in your body contouring marketing plan.  In fact, it's a sad fact that most businesses do not see the importance of it.  Keep in mind it’s the most successful businesses that recognize the importance of taking the time to analyze and answer these questions.

Who are the leads you want to attract to your business?


You want to attract your Target Market

  • Your target market is that specific group of people you want to reach to offer your solutions for their problems.
  • It’s a narrow, clearly defined group of people.


Why attract only your Target Market?

  • Your business cannot be everything to everyone.
  • It may seem counterintuitive, but you don’t want to attract everyone.
  • You want to attract the right ones.
  • It allows you to focus your marketing budget and marketing efforts to that specific market.
  • It’s a much more efficient and effective way to attract leads who will buy from you.


Define your Target Market in great detail

Your target market should be so well defined that you can close your eyes and imagine exactly what he/she looks like, how he/she thinks and acts, what he/she does in her off time, how he/she feels about current events, about life, etc.


Speak directly to your Target Market in everything you do

After you have defined your Target Market in detail, design your website, your ads, your promotional material and everything you do for your Target Market.


Speak directly to her.


Stage 2  Like who you are and what you say

The next question to answer for your body contouring marketing plan is


How will you show your leads that your business is the best choice to solve their problem(s)?


  • Put simply, your prospects must like you and identify with you.
  • So you must show them who you are and what you stand for.
  • Which means you need to define who you are and what you stand for.


Why are you different, better, unique?


→You probably have competitors.  Which means prospects have options.


→Most of your competitors solve the same or similar problems.


→And deliver the same or similar solutions for those problems.


→And since that’s so, why would a prospect choose you instead of one of your competitors?

The answer lies in your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), also referred to as your ‘Brand.”


What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  

  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the “Who are you and what do you stand for?”
  • It encompasses your ‘brand’
  • Why is your business different or better than all the other same or similar products or services in your market...and specifically for your target market.

Separate your business from the competitors using Differentiators

  • Differentiators are the reasons why your business is different and better than the competitors for your target market…remember, you only want to attract your target market
  • Differentiators boost your competitive advantage
  • Examples of differentiators may include
    • You were the first to offer a particular service
    • You are a body contouring expert with years of experience
    • You have shared their problem and solved it and now you want to help others do the same
    • You accept walk-ins
    • You offer same day appointments
    • Etc



We know this is a tough exercise, so here’s an example.


Our MedSpa’s USP

1) Our tagline is “the body contouring experts.”

  • We are the go-to authority for non-invasive body contouring in our market.
  • We blog, write articles, hold educational events, have created a private label body contouring product line and wrote a book.
  • We also have a large gallery of before/after photos to evidence our expertise.

2) We combine number one with being a hip, cool and relaxing hangout.

  • We offer a ‘Rejuvenation Bar’ where we serve complimentary ‘Puretini’s.’  It’s a place for our customers to chill out and chat with each other and with our team.

Stage 3  Believe that you understand her problem 


Stage 4  Understand you have solutions for her problem

This is the portion of your body contouring marketing plan where your website comes in.


↠Your goal is to appeal to the leads who have landed on your website and provide them with what they want to see and learn.


↠And after appealing to these visitors, your website should have mechanisms in place to capture the lead’s contact information

  • before they leave your site
  • so you can follow up, nurture and ultimately convert them into clients (Stages 5 and 6).

What if you don’t have a website yet?

You can still grow and succeed by creating one.

Learn the reasons why your business needs a website.


What are the basic elements your website should include?


First, to win over prospects, your website must:

  1. Convey to the prospect who you are and what you stand for
  2. Convey your understanding of her problem
  3. Showcase your solutions
  4. Provide proof that you can solve her problem
  5. Be visually appealing and easily navigable
  6. Be consumer-focused, not business-focused



And, to capture the contact’s information, your website needs to:

1) Contain prominent Contact Forms


What is a Contact Form?

A contact form is a form displayed on your website that provides an easy way for your website visitors to contact you.

  • Your contact forms should include ‘contact information capture’ so you can follow up.
  • Your contact forms should provide spaces for the website visitor to provide her name, email and phone number.


2) Provide one or more Lead Magnets with Calls to Action


What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer for something the website visitor considers valuable in exchange for your website visitor’s contact information.

  • Your lead magnets should be relevant and compelling enough to convince your website visitor to give you her information.

Lead Magnet examples:

This can be a $25 digital or downloadable coupon, a downloadable guide, a chance to win a prize, an ebook, etc.


What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

  • A Call to Action is any prompt on a website that tells the website visitor to take a particular action.
  • Call to Actions are needed to give instructions to the website visitor so she knows what to do next.


Call to Action (CTA) examples:

This can be to Call before Friday for a Free Consultation’ or to ‘Book by Tuesday to receive 15% off” or sign up for our Newsletter, etc.

Obviously, creating a converting website is key

That’s too big a topic for this or any other blog article


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