How much does it cost to start a body contouring business? 

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Dreamed of starting a body contouring business?  But you haven’t done it because you’re afraid you can’t afford cost to start a body contouring business?

  • You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get your business started.
  • And you don’t need to quit your job while you’re building your body contouring practice.
  • You just need to make a minimal investment up front and have the willingness to roll up your sleeves to build your business. much does it cost to start a body contouring business?  Not much.  Take a look at this low cost startup model to launch a body contouring business.


In this article, we’ll show you how much it should cost to start a body contouring business.

We’ll take you through the steps of a low cost startup model, and we’ll include the expected costs for each step along the way.  And we include a FREE Body Contouring Business Low Cost Startup Model Checklist.


Step One - Get educated in treatments and technologies - take a body contouring certification course and get certified

Step Two - Become a proficient body contouring technician -  practice treatments and purchase basic supplies

Step Three - Spread the word - marketing, social media, name your business, create your menu, set your prices, start the transition out of your current job

Step Four - Final Step!  Get your business started - select your business model and location from 4 choices

Step Five - When it’s time - take more courses to grow your business with more body contouring treatments and services


You don’t need thousands of dollars

Use this low cost startup model to launch a body contouring business


Potential earnings from a body contouring business

  • While you’re working hard to get your business off the ground, don’t forget your passion.
  • And don’t forget the future rewards.
  • Non-invasive body contouring businesses have low operating costs and high profit margins.


Take a look at your potential earnings from body contouring treatments.

It’s worth the investment!


Body Contouring


What is the cost to start a body contouring business using this low cost startup model?


Low Cost Body Contouring Startup Model

Follow these action steps

Step One

Get educated in treatments, technologies and body issues

Independent Research - Learn on your own

Body contouring is all about treatments to help clients improve body concerns so they feel better about themselves.  So it’s important to know about

  • Body contouring treatments
  • The body contouring technologies that deliver the treatments and
  • The body issues your clients want you to correct


Here’s an easy way to get started with your self-learning


Cost $0


Learn from Experts - Take Courses and get Certified

  • Body contouring business experts are people who have gone before you and have ‘already done it,’ spent years developing protocols and methods, and who will lay out a clear path for you.
  • Learn the 9 reasons its critical to work with experts. 
  • Take the body contouring courses they’ve built and get certified in treatments.
  • Your first course should be one that covers technologies that have the ability to treat multiple common body concerns such as unwanted fat, cellulite, and loose skin.
  • This allows you to start your business with just one multi-technology course and just one multi-technology machine.


Start with this online body contouring certification course

The Body Contouring 6 in 1 Masterclass, where you will learn

      • Fat Cavitation
      • RF Skin Tightening
      • Vacuum/LED technology and
      • Lipo Laser.

Promotional Price: $549


Purchase Equipment

Cost $450-$480


6-in-1 body contouring machine on transparent background

You can purchase your 6 in 1 machine anytime during Step One or at Step Two.

We are amazon associates, so if you click on a link that is a qualified purchase, we may earn a small fee.  It comes as no extra cost to you and we only recommend products based on our experience and/or use.

Step Two

Practice treating family and friends

  • Implement what you’ve learned in your course.
  • As with any skill, practice is essential to developing your skills as a body contouring practice practice practice.
  • Treat your family and friends to free body contouring treatments.
  • Set up a ‘body contouring shop’ in a room in your home.
  • You will use this space to practice...and as the first location of your new business.


You’ll need supplies for the now is the time to invest in some body contouring business basics.

We are amazon associates, so if you click on a link that is a qualified purchase, we may earn a small fee.  It comes as no extra cost to you and we only recommend products based on our experience and/or use.

Basic supplies you’ll need:

Cost $130-150

Optional supplies (supplies that can be purchased now or at a later date):

Optional Cost $30-40

Step Three

Spread the word - start marketing your treatments

  • By now you’ve taken and completed the course, earned your body contouring certification, and performed practice treatments.
  • It’s time to announce on your personal social media pages that you are a body contouring professional, soon to open business and accept clients.
  • Talk about it a lot, every day.  Ask your friends to share.
  • Take photos when you are practicing and post those photos.
  • Talk about the treatments, what they can do for the body they reduce inches, tighten skin, and diminish cellulite.
  • Answer the questions that come in.


      1. Name your business
      2. Create your treatment menu
      3. Set your initial prices


  • Then, once you’re ready, set up a Facebook and/or Instagram business page and began posting about your business and your services.
  • It won’t take long until you get a lot of interest, questions, and requests for appointments.
  • Start setting appointments (outside of your job’s work hours) and begin seeing clients out of your home-based ‘body contouring shop.’


Cost $0


  • You’re getting attention on social media accounts.  Now it’s time to build a basic website.
  • You can complete the website basics yourself by using one of three great companies.
  • Compare and choose GoDaddy  Wix  and Squarespace


Cost $14/month (Wix, but GoDaddy and Squarespace are low cost too)


Transition to part time status in your job or quit your job to go full time body contouring

As you progress in seeing clients, you will get busier and busier.  That’s great!  But you will be putting in a lot of hours between your job and your body contouring home-based business.  When you have built your body contouring business up to a point that you feel confident cutting back your job hours, ask to go part time.


Then later down the line, as your business grows, it’ll be time to leave your job completely and dive into your body contouring business full time.

Download your copy of our Body Contouring Business Startup Checklist now!



Step Four

Select your initial business location

Once you have progressed to full time body contouring, consider where you will practice.  Your choices are

  • Home-based business (lower cost) Get more guidance to setting up a home-based body sculpting business
  • Mobile business (lower cost)
  • Salon suites (higher cost)
  • Small storefront (most expensive)

You will not need much more than a small reception area and a treatment room to start.  And you can move to a larger location as you grow.


Step Five

Grow your body contouring business with more treatment offerings


You did it!  Congratulations!  You successfully started your body contouring business following the low cost startup model.


As your business grows, and you’re ready to expand it further, it’ll be time to add more treatments and services for your clients.


Here’s the two treatment courses we recommend adding FIRST (in either order)

    • Whole body vibration therapy  $99

The sculpting treatment that enhances and accelerates results from your other body contouring produces great results of its own! Learn about Whole Body Vibration Therapy.

    • EMS (Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation) Technology  $149

The muscle toning treatment consumers are demanding!  Learn more EMS muscle toning 



Have you added up the costs to start a body contouring business?  Here it is.

How much does it cost to start a body contouring business?

As you’ve seen, a lot less than you’d think!


  • And you can keep your job
  • You can spread out your spending
  • You can build your body contouring business gradually, but within just one year
  • With the potential to make $18,000/month with just 6 treatments per day
  • That’s $216,000 your first year!

Get started now with the Body Contouring 6 in 1 Masterclass


Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in October of 2021 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.