Lipo laser can do what cavitation cannot: choose a cavitation machine with lipo laser

Cavitation machine with lipo laser

There’s hundreds of cavitation machine platforms and nearly all of them include more than the  cavitation technology alone.  Some cavitation machines are designed for face + body, while others hyper-focus on body treatments.  Our focus is on body contouring and if yours is too, you need to select a cavitation machine with lipo laser technology.  The reason is simple.  Without  lipo laser technology on your cavitation machine, you cannot meet every client’s needs.  Lipo laser fills in the gaps because lipo laser can do what cavitation cannot.  In this article, we explain what lipo laser can do that cavitation cannot.

Read on to learn about

  • Evaluating cavitation machines
  • The differences between Cavitation and Lipo Laser
  • What Lipo Laser can do that Cavitation cannot
  • How to get certified in Cavitation and Lipo Laser
  • The best Cavitation Machine with Lipo Laser technology

Why consider our advice?

Before we get started, we want you to know why you should listen to us

  • We’re an RN/Attorney and Medical Esthetician who’ve owned and operated med spas since 2006.
  • Our latest venture reached 7-figures within less than a year…and still operates at that level today (nearly ten years later).
  • And since 2018, through the Body Contouring Academy, we’ve been sharing our knowledge so that others can benefit from our experience, success and expertise.

Cavitation and Lipo Laser both make ‘the most popular list’

One more thing before we get started.


You’re smart to consider cavitation and lipo laser.  Despite the proliferation of new machines in the past several years - all claiming to be the newest and the best - the same six ‘older’ technologies continue to rank as the most popular (and in demand) body contouring treatments.  


Cavitation and Lipo Laser hold two of the top six spots of the most popular and in demand body contouring treatments.  That’s a good reason to have a cavitation machine with lipo laser technology, but there are even more reasons!


Evaluating cavitation machines


  • Cavitation machines are non-invasive body contouring machines that deliver ultrasound (cavitation) energy to destroy fat cells in the treated area.
  • Though you can purchase a stand-alone cavitation machine, most cavitation machines are available on multi-technology platforms, meaning they come equipped with cavitation, plus one or more complementary technologies.
  • There are hundreds of different cavitation machine platforms available.
  • Some cavitation machines are designed for practitioners who focus on face treatments more-than or at least equal-to body contouring.  These cavitation machines come equipped with technologies to assist with face treatments, but these technologies are not necessarily beneficial for body treatments.
  • Other cavitation machines are designed to address multiple body concerns.  These cavitation machines typically come equipped with other non-invasive body contouring technologies such as radiofrequency and vacuum…and lipo laser.  But too many cavitation machines omit lipo laser in the platform.

Cavitation machine decision-making

If your focus is on body contouring (like our’s), you need to eliminate all of the cavitation machines that come equipped with technologies that won’t assist you in treating body concerns.  That’ll save you time because you’ll narrow your search.  And it’ll save you money because you won’t spend dollars on technologies you really don’t need.  Plus, make sure you choose a cavitation machine with lipo laser…we’ll give you our favorite at the end of this article.


Moving on to a comparison of cavitation and lipo laser.

Before we discuss the differences between cavitation and lipo laser, let’s look at the similarities between the two…

The similarities between Cavitation and Lipo Laser

Though these two technologies have stark differences, they also have several similarities.

  • Non-invasive fat reduction with no downtime, no pain
  • Requires a series of treatments (6-10 on average)
  • Results are gradual and each treatment builds on the previous treatments
  • Treatments should be spaced at least 72 hours apart to allow time for the body to process and eliminate the fat and debris left behind from the treatment
  • Clients who have inefficient lymphatic systems need detox support throughout the treatment series with lymphatic booster treatments 


The differences between Cavitation and Lipo Laser

In this article, we’re focusing on the reasons why you need a cavitation machine with lipo laser.  In other words, why you should offer both treatments.  We are omitting an in-depth discussion of each technology and its treatments.

If you want more information about each of the two technologies, check out this resource.  Learn more about Cavitation and Lipo Laser here.


Destroys fat cells


Cavitation, aka Fat Cavitation, Ultrasound Cavitation - or - Ultrasonic Cavitation, is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that delivers low-energy ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells in a targeted treatment area.

Lipo Laser

Shrinks fat cells


Lipo Laser, aka Red Light Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - or - Cold Laser Therapy,  is a non-invasive fat reduction technology that delivers low level laser wavelengths (635nm - 650 nm) to shrink fat cells and cause inch loss in the treated area.


Not FDA approved for collagen production and skin tightening


You’ve likely seen representations that cavitation produces skin tightening.  But only high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology has been proven to tighten skin - and is FDA approved to do so.  HIFU technology is primarily found on Level I Medical Grade machines.  And unless otherwise indicated, the ultrasound frequencies available in most other cavitation machines is NOT HIFU technology.

This is why nearly all cavitation machine platforms come equipped with radiofrequency technology.  Radiofrequency is a skin tightening technology.  And that’s why all of our med spa  cavitation protocols incorporate radiofrequency.  Cavitation fat reduction and radiofrequency tissue tightening can produce great results when used in tandem.

 Lipo Laser

FDA cleared for collagen production and skin tightening


Lipo laser, through a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM), stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  Photobiomodulation (PBM) firms and smooths the skin, improves skin tone and skin elasticity.  The FDA has approved lipo laser (LLLT) technology for collagen production and skin tightening.



Limited treatment size


Cavitation, like most non-invasive body contouring treatments, has a treatment size limitation.  Every client is different, but typically the treatment size is not larger than a standard piece of paper (8.5” x 11”).  And areas that involve two sides, such as arms, inner or outer thighs, flanks, hips, muffin top, etc., are often considered as two cavitation treatments.


Lipo Laser

Has the ability to treat large areas effectively

Studies have shown lipo laser (LLLT) technology has the ability to treat large areas effectively.   A cavitation machine with lipo laser comes equipped with at least six (sometimes more) large paddle-applicators.  Though the exact size of the paddles can vary, most measure at least 2” x 4”.  Not only can these applicators cover large areas, but they can also treat areas with two sides (arms, thighs, flanks, etc.) as  one treatment area.


What Lipo Laser can do that Cavitation cannot

Why you should choose a cavitation machine with lipo laser


Lipo laser has the ability to

  • Treat large areas as one treatment
  • Treat two-sided areas as one treatment


When you have a client who wants to treat a two-sided area or a large area, an area too large for one cavitation treatment, you should consider using lipo laser.  With lipo laser, you can treat a two-sided area or a large area within the parameters of the hour time block of your schedule.  So…you need only to charge her for one treatment.  You’ll gain a lifelong client!


Compare that to cavitation.  You’d need to treat at least two ‘cavitation areas’ which will run you over your schedule’s hour time block and you’ll need to charge your client more per session...or you’ll lose out on profit.


Lipo laser is not labor-intensive; in fact, it can be a ‘set it and exit’ treatment.


→ Lipo laser is not labor-intensive.  Performing a lipo laser treatment involves application of lipo laser paddles to the client’s body and a belt to hold them in place.

→ Cavitation is labor-intensive.  Performing a cavitation treatment involves mechanical massage (your labor) to the treatment area during the entire treatment session.


In fact, lipo laser can be a ‘set it and exit’ treatment.

Set It and Exit treatments are treatments that provide you with an option (not a requirement) to multitask, to perform another task at the same time as the Set It and Exit treatment.

In other words, you can apply the paddles and even leave the room if you want.


Lipo laser is a ‘natural option.’  With lipo laser, you avoid fat cell death while still producing long-lasting, if not permanent, inch loss.

There are some clients who want to reduce fat, but do not want to kill fat cells.  They want a more natural option.  To meet those client's needs, you need a cavitation machine with lipo laser.  Lipo laser is the only non-invasive fat reduction technology that causes inch loss without destroying fat cells.  And you don’t have to worry about efficacy.  Studies have shown that lipo laser technology produces long-lasting, if not permanent, inch loss. 


With lipo laser, you can tell your clients that the technology Improves the skin too.  It assists with

  • Minimizing stretch marks and scarring
  • Firming and toning the skin


As we noted earlier, the lipo laser technology has been FDA approved for collagen and elastin production leading to improvements in the skin and a reduction of scarring.  So you can tell your clients about this added benefit.  They’ll love that!


Regarding cavitation, we know what you’re thinking.  Many providers, including us, have observed clinically that cavitation can also lead to skin improvement.  But besides HIFU technology, cavitation has not been proven to stimulate collagen and elastin.  Without the backing of FDA approval for that indication, you cannot represent to your clients that the treatment improves the skin (unless you combine it with radiofrequency technology).


How to get certified in Cavitation and Lipo Laser

You need a multi-technology blueprint when you’re looking to get certified in both cavitation and lipo laser.


The Body Contouring Academy has the perfect body contouring certification course for you!


  • A turnkey course.
  • 100% online, so you can start and finish the course at your convenience.

Includes both cavitation and lipo laser plus radiofrequency and vacuum/LED.

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The best Cavitation Machine with Lipo Laser technology


Our pick of the best 6 in 1 cavitation machine is, you guessed it, a cavitation machine with lipo laser technology.

ultrasonic cavitation 6in1 machine

Here is the 6-in-1 cavitation machine like the one we use at our medical spa.  It’s our pick based on years of experience and expertise.

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In Summary:  Why you need a cavitation machine with lipo laser

Lipo laser can do what cavitation cannot


We understand that a cavitation protocol may be your go-to treatment, but there are times that lipo laser has a definite edge.

  • The greatest advantage lipo laser has over cavitation, or any other non-invasive fat reduction treatment for that matter, is its ability to target two-sided areas and single areas that are too large for a cavitation treatment.
  • Lipo laser is also not labor intensive, giving you some rest and freeing you up to do other
  • things.
  • And for those clients looking for a natural way to reduce fat, lipo laser is the obvious choice.


Our recommendations.

Get certified in cavitation and lipo laser.

Add a cavitation machine with lipo laser to your operation.