Why your body contouring business must implement local marketing

local marketing search results for medical spa on a mobile phone being held in a hand with city buildings in background

As a brick-and-mortar personal services business, your local market is where the majority of your clients and prospects reside.  Most people who do business with you will live within a fifty mile radius of your business.  The reason is simple.  People want convenience and are more likely to utilize the services of a business that…

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Use this quick guide to define your target market so you can turn more leads into sales

wooden model on desk with a target and darts and notebook to convey to define your target market

Your business’ success depends on successful marketing.  And what’s an absolute prerequisite to successful marketing? It’s clearly defining your target market.  Unfortunately, most aesthetics businesses struggle to clearly define their target market.  Instead, they try to appeal to nearly everyone.  This results in their marketing campaigns being aimed at far too many of the wrong…

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