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How vacuum therapy cellulite sculpt conquers cellulite

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Cellulite does not happen overnight.  Most of the initial changes go unnoticed…until it’s too late and you cannot deny the dimples and bulges.  One day, you’ve had enough.  When your clients have ‘had enough’ with cellulite, spread the good news.  You have the solution.  You can reduce your client’s cellulite with a series of Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt treatments.


Check out the Cellulite Basics to better understand and educate your clients about how you and Vacuum Therapy CelluSculpt offer them the perfect cellulite solution.


Cellulite Basics


The 4 Causations* of Cellulite:  

*Please note that a causation is one event (a cause) that causes another event to occurThough there’s no conclusive evidence, experts generally agree that weakened blood vessels initiate the chain reaction of changes that lead to cellulite.

  • weakened skin cells caused by weakened blood vessels
  • excess fluids & toxins 
  • fat cells swell and enlarge
  • stiff connective tissue (fibrous bands)


Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology addresses each of the 4 causations of cellulite. 

The technology is based on the scientifically recognized technique of applying negative pressure to improve tissue circulation and connective tissue disorders.  Read on to see why it’s a tailored made solution for cellulite.



Cellulite Causation I

Weakened Blood Vessels, Collagen Loss, Skin Deterioration

Estrogen causes thinner, weaker blood vessels, and this worsens over time.  Weakened blood vessels cannot adequately nourish skin cells.  Consequently, the skin becomes thinner and weaker as time goes on.  This results in skin deterioration and collagen loss. Structural changes in the skin’s collagen make the cellulite lumpiness and dimpling much more apparent.  


Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology improves circulation, restores nourishment to the skin cells, stimulates collagen production, and results in a smoother, firmer appearance.

Vacuum Therapy employs the scientifically recognized technique of applying negative pressure plus massage to improve blood circulation and nourishment to the skin cells.  The increase in metabolic activity induces the production of collagen and elastin thereby strengthening the skin, and resulting in a smoother, firmer appearance.   


Cellulite Causation II

Fluid Buildup, Toxin Accumulation

Fluids from the weakened and damaged blood vessels seep out into the interstitial space.  The lymphatic system cannot remove these excess fluids.  As a result of lymphatic insufficiency, toxins accumulate in the interstitial space.  


Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology increases lymphatic circulation and blood flow, which results in a slimmer, smoother appearance.

The sub-atmospheric pressure and massaging action of Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt technology stimulates and increases both lymphatic circulation and blood flow, enhancing the lymphatic system’s removal of wastes, fats, fluids, and toxins from the body, thereby producing a slimmer, smoother appearance. 


Cellulite Causation III

Fat Cells Swell and Enlargeproduces the peak ↑ of the dimpled appearance

Fat cells in the area absorb the extra fluid and then enlarge.  This can result in 2.5X larger fat cells.  The swollen fat cells clump together and crowd blood vessels which restricts blood flow further.  Enlarged, crowded fat cells produce the peak ↑ in the dimpled appearance of cellulite.


Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology reduces the swelling of the fat cells, and activates the metabolism and breakdown of fats.

Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology’s enhanced removal of wastes, toxins, fats, and fluid buildup in the interstitial space leads to reduced swelling of the fat cells. The sub-atmospheric pressure of the technology also activates the metabolism and breakdown of fats. The massaging action produces a mechanical disruption and breakdown of superficial fats that the body will eliminate.


Cellulite Causation IV

Fibrous Bands Damaged and Rigid produces the ‘valley’ ↓ of the dimpled appearance 

Fibrous bands, composed of connective tissue, attach our muscle to our skin.  These kinds of cells are damaged by the excess fluids.  Once damaged, these bands become hard and rigid and pull downwards on the skin.  This produces the ‘valley’ ↓ of the dimpling or lumpiness.


Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Technology loosens the fibrous bands, thereby minimizing the downward pulling, minimizing lumpiness and dimpling. 

The damaged fibrous bands are composed of connective tissue.  Physicians and other medical professionals have used Vacuum technology successfully in the treatment of connective tissue disorders for more than 25 years.  Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Therapy combines that technology with pressure and massaging action, which loosens and ‘breaks down’ the rigid bands, smoothing and minimizing the dimples and lumps.      


No Permanent Solution Exists for Cellulite

Despite our many modern advances, cellulite continues to be one of the toughest issues to correct.  As of this date, no medical treatment or technology exists to permanently reduce cellulite.  


A Series of Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt Treatments Effectively Reduces Cellulite

Recommend a series of 6 treatments to start, then assess progress and determine the need for more, if any.  Your client should start seeing noticeable improvement after just a few treatments.  Plus, your clients should see continued smoothing over the next few months after completing their series due to continued collagen and elastin production.


Maintenance Treatments are Necessary  

Even more so than with other aesthetic issues, clients need maintenance treatments for cellulite.  Depending on the severity of the cellulite issue and the goals of the client, recommend 1-2 maintenance treatments every 3-9 months.  


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