Why your body contouring business needs a website

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A website is your business’ 24/7 storefront.  Consumers research, review, and compare…then ultimately choose what and where to try or to buy.  They expect to find what they’re looking for online and if your business is not there, they’ll find another business that is.  So if you want to grow and succeed, your body contouring business needs a website.


In this article we’ll show you what a website can do for your body contouring business and how you can create a website that fits within your budget.

Why does your body contouring business need a website?


Your business needs a website in addition to your Facebook or Instagram page

It’s not uncommon for body contouring businesses to start out with only a social media page (and no website) for business marketing.  But don’t wait too long to create a website.

A social media page should not take the place of a website.

  • Your customer’s attention is only temporary on social media
    • It’s hard to attract the consumer’s attention on social media, and even harder to keep their attention.
    • Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are massively competitive.
    • But with your body contouring business website, you have the consumer’s full attention.
  • A website is more credible
    • Anyone can create a social media account.
    • But a website represents trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism.
    • Your business will create more trust and authority - faster and long term - with a website.
  • Your business does not own your social media page
    • If the social media company decided to change direction and not support businesses anymore, what happens to your marketing?
    • Or what if the platform went down or went out of business?  In fact, one of these things happened recently.  Both Facebook and Instagram went down globally (and were down for a good while) which sent businesses into a frenzy.



You cannot achieve your business goals without a website

If your business goals are to

  • Attract and capture leads
  • Build your brand
  • Educate about your services
  • Increase your revenue
  • Be known as a body contouring expert and authority
  • Display social proof
  • Feature your before/after photos
  • Showcase your reviews
  • Grow your business

Then your body contouring  business needs a website.  You cannot achieve these goals without one.


You can create an affordable website that fits within your budget

Maybe you’ve operated on a lean budget and have viewed a website as a non-necessity.   But now you’ve realized that a website is the best way to promote and build a body contouring business.  It’s a fundamental tool every body contouring business needs.

These two fears stop body contouring business owners from creating a website

Don’t let them stop you!


1) Fear of the expense of creating your website

It doesn’t have to be expensive.  It used to be expensive, but nowadays creating a website can be very affordable, as low as twenty-two dollars a month.  


2) Fear of not knowing how to create your website

You can easily learn how in an online marketing course built by body contouring business experts.


Creating a website is cheaper and easier than you think


Discover how to create an affordable website that attracts the right prospects, builds trust, provides helpful information, converts sales, and brings money into your business.


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So many reasons why your body contouring business needs a website


Having a website provides an abundance of benefits.  It increases your visibility, establishes your credibility and generates leads.  It’s the best place to highlight reviews and before/after photos.  And it’s the go-to to answer questions and provide information about the solutions you provide.


And it belongs to you.  No one else controls it.


Here’s some other things to consider.


A website gives your business 24/7 online presence

Your website is like a store that’s always open.  Always providing information.  Always answering questions.  Always telling your story.  Always bringing in leads and generating sales.


No website?

No website means no presence.  No store.  No information.  No answering questions.  No telling your story.  No leads.  No sales.

Consumers expect a website

24/7 online presence is critical, but having a website is not solely about having an online presence.  A website generates leads, brands your business, creates awareness for your business, promotes your business and delivers strong marketing messages.


Bottom line, consumers expect businesses to have websites and they buy from businesses with websites.


No website?

No website means consumers will think of your business as either too small-time or unprofessional and will most likely not buy from you.


A website brings your business credibility

Your business establishes credibility with a website.  And your business stands out from competitors offering similar services.


No website?

No website means consumers may question the legitimacy of your business.


A website brings leads and sales to your business

Having a website increases leads for your business.  Consumers become leads when they see your business offers solutions to their problems.  And a website offers a way for your business to capture those leads.


No website?

No website means consumers have no knowledge of how your business can help them.


A website is a vehicle to provide social proof

A website shows you are a real business and provides a way for consumers to get more information about your business, reviews, location, etc.  You can showcase your before/after photos and list all of your reviews.


No website?

No website may mean that your business does not exist.  That’s because consumers expect ‘real businesses’ to have a website where they can verify you are a reputable business.

There is declining organic reach on social media

A website is more important than ever due to the decline in social media reach.   It’s not possible to build your business using only a business page on social media.  You have to pay for ads.


No website?

A social media page is not enough to attract new customers.  Banking solely on social media can be a huge mistake if you want to grow and prosper.

Your business misses out on potential revenue without a website

A website is an incredible source of revenue.

  • 70% of online consumers visit a business because of what they found online
  • 97% of online consumers use online search engines to find local businesses


No website?

No website means your business will miss out on all of this potential business.


A website brings your business long term value

Your website delivers value for your business for years after you create it.   Compare that with social media ads which are seen by potential clients only while you’re running them.


No website?

You’ll need to pay for social media ads to run full time.


We hope that this article helped you understand why your body contouring business needs a website.

  • Websites are essential tools to promote your business, advertise your services, establish trust and authority, and generate income.
  • Setting up a website is much easier and affordable than ever before.

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