5 reasons why this pending recession is the perfect time to launch your body contouring business

woman with smiling with arms crossed with body contouring machine in treatment room in the background

A time of record setting inflation and a pending recession may not seem like the logical occasion to start your body contouring business.  Businesses will be struggling, people will be out of work and consumers will be spending less.  But these very hardships are actually golden opportunities for a body contouring business startup.  And as counterintuitive as it may seem (at least before reading this article), now is the perfect time to launch your body contouring business.


Have you been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect time to start your new body sculpting business?

Here are the 5 reasons why you should launch your body contouring business during this economic downturn…it’s the perfect time


Reason #1 to launch your body contouring business now

Low cost of entry

Low overhead – one course, one machine

You are fortunate.  You have access to great entry-level body contouring technology at an affordable price point.  And accessible education and training to put it to use.

  • You can use a body contouring machine (6in1 40K cavitation machine) that delivers multiple technologies: ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency (rf) skin tightening, combination vacuum/LED and lipo laser
  • To treat multiple body issues: unwanted fat, cellulite, loose skin and stretch marks
  • The machine runs around $500 – $600
  • You can get the entire training in one certification course, the Body Contouring 6in1 Masterclass
  • For less than $550
  • That adds up to around $1000…to start treating body contouring clients

Not only can you get your machine and training at low cost, you can capitalize on current opportunities for very low costs to deliver your services.  Since the pandemic, clients are not completely open to getting treatments outside of the traditional spa facility or business suite.

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6 in 1 Cavitation Machine facts

6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

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Low startup costs – home-based or mobile-based business models

  • You can work from your home – start a home-based business Since the pandemic, there is a huge demand for home-based service businesses.  If you like this model, you can follow the steps in our Home-Based Body Sculpting Business Guide.
  • Or you can set up the least expensive business model – a mobile-based body sculpting business   It’s the big shift to remote that’s brought a high demand for mobile-based personal services.  Clients want treatments in the convenience and comfort of their own home.  If you like this model, look for our easy to follow Mobile Body Sculpting Business Guide.

The low costs of setting up shop means you’ll be able to put cash away in the bank really soon.


Reason #2 to launch your body contouring business now

Less competition

  • Most people become risk-averse in an economic turndown and put their future plans on hold.
  • Most people who share your desire to start a body contouring business will be reluctant to do so at this time.
  • But that’s a good thing.

Your competitors’ reluctance to start will allow you to get a stronghold on the market well before they ever get one foot off the ground.


Reason #3 to launch your body contouring business now

Ability to use lower prices to attract clients and build your client base

  • As with any new skill, you’ll need hours of practice to ‘transform’ into a skilled body contouring technician.
  • During your ‘transformational’ time period, you will deliver services to clients.
  • And regardless of economic prosperity or downturn, you should discount your fees during this ‘transformational’ time period…until you ‘transform’ into a skilled body contouring technician.
  • You will naturally charge lower prices while starting out and developing the needed expertise.
  • During tough times, clients are looking for less pricey alternatives…to spend less.
  • So with your ‘transformational pricing,’ you will attract more clients, build your client database and build a solid reputation.
  • Label your reduced pricing as Introductory Pricing, offered for a limited time.

You need to discount your pricing when you’re starting out anyway…what better time to do it? Want more detailed information about pricing your treatments?  Check out our blog. How to price your body contouring treatments to maximize profits.


Reason #4 to launch your body contouring business now

You’ll build a lean business with good habits

  • Startups operate on an inherently lean business model, designed for maximum efficiency.
  • And businesses that start up during hard times are designed to be efficient, so they operate on an inherently lean business model.
  • And when you start out with good habits like using a lean business model, they should stay with you once the economy recovers, giving you hefty profits.

Our advice:

  • Keep your day job as long as you can and build your business on the side
  • Start small, plan big


Reason #5 to launch your body contouring business now

Provide your own safety net

  • Sad fact.  Economic downturns bring cutbacks and layoffs.
  • It’s started already.  In June of this year (2022), a host of big businesses announced job cuts and hiring freezes.
  • Will we see the domino effect we saw during the Great Recession of 2008?  With more trickle down job losses to follow?  No one knows for sure.
  • But you’d be smart to prepare for an unexpected layoff by starting your body contouring business on the side now.
  • Start building your client base and putting money in the bank.

If you’re planning to leave your job to start a body contouring business some day, that some day might well be now.  Major economic downturns like the one we’re in bring permanent job layoffs.  The decision to leave your job might not be yours and it might certainly come at an unexpected time.


For more information about starting and growing a profitable business with non-invasive body contouring, visit www.bodycontouringacademy.com.