Should you buy or lease body contouring equipment?

Buy or lease body contouring equipment

Should you buy or lease body contouring equipment?  One of our customers, Kathy B., recently reached out to us with that question.  It’s a great question because it’s such an important decision for you and your body contouring business.  And the answer is, ‘it depends.’  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but the answer lies in what’s best for your business and your clients. In this article, we walk you through the process of analyzing and making the best decision.


Buy or lease body contouring equipment?

Does the body contouring machine cost under or over $1000?

You should buy the equipment if the body contouring machine costs less than one-thousand dollars.  Kathy B. noted her concern about (1) advancing technology and (2) changing trends, which are  valid concerns (ones we address next).  But when the machine costs less than one-thousand dollars, you should get adequate use of the machine before either of those possibilities come into play.


Buy or lease body contouring equipment?

Don’t worry too much about advancing technologies

While it’s true that tons of new body contouring devices are being released at a rapid pace, the foundational body contouring technologies that all of these body contouring machines utilize have remained largely unchanged.


These technologies are radiofrequency, ultrasound, LED, cryolipolysis, laser, vacuum, and muscle toning technology.  New machines may combine modalities, deliver the technology differently (robotic arms are the latest) or require shorter or fewer treatments, but the basic technology remains the same.


So answer these questions.

  • Do you and your employees like your machine?
  • Has it brought in good income?
  • Has it been reliable and dependable?
  • Has it produced good results and satisfied clients?


If your answers are YES, keep your machine.  Don’t worry about replacing it with “the latest.”


Buy or lease body contouring equipment?

A trend may or may not be right for your business

A trend is a change in the way consumers think or prioritize their needs…and consequently change or modify their demands.  A trend can be new, but does not necessarily involve a new product, machine or service.


A trend may or may not be right for your business.  And making that determination requires a process.  Get the process to determine if a trend is right for your business. 


Buy or lease body contouring equipment?

Renting Considerations

When you are looking at an investment of more than one-thousand dollars, you’re considering a more significant commitment.  Renting might be a great option for short term use.  You can ‘try before your buy.’  You can try out the machine to see how your team likes it, see what kind of results it produces for your clients, and determine how much money you can make with it.


But renting can be more expensive than buying.  And you will be liable to make rental payments for the entirety of the leasing period.  So we recommend you keep renting on the table as a short term option.


Look for exceptions to a strict leasing period.  They are out there.

  • Take a look at Cryoskin by Artemis.
  • This company offers a free 4-week trial period, followed by a month-to-month subscription for their cryolipolysis device.
  • Contact Cryoskin to learn more and tell them the Body Contouring Academy sent you to get this  great deal!


Buy or lease body contouring equipment?

Buying Considerations

The primary benefit of buying and owning your body contouring equipment is profit margin.  And though the initial cost of purchasing a machine can be somewhat of a deterrent, the long term benefits make it attractive.  Your overall cost will be less than renting.


Also when you own, you have the equipment ready and available at all times to deliver services.  Your team develops true expertise in operating the machine and are better able to get optimum results.  And you can promote and brand the machine for your business.


Want help deciding which body contouring machines to purchase?  We tell you how to choose your machines in How to choose the best body contouring machines for your business 


When you purchase machines, they are less likely to break down because they are new.  They are not rental models that have been used by multiple operators and have no wear and tear.



Before you make a decision to buy or lease body contouring equipment, evaluate the goals of your business.  Figuring out what is best for you and your business is the most important factor in your decision.


If the machine runs less than one-thousand dollars, the best decision is to buy.


If the machine runs more than one-thousand dollars and you are new to the body contouring business and want to test the waters before you jump in, renting might be a good option for you.  It allows you to get an understanding of the technology and treatments and decide if it’s good for you.


Or if you know you want to dive all the way into your body contouring practice, then the better return on your investment may be to buy.

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