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7 Reasons Why your Clients can’t get rid of Belly Fat without Body Contouring Treatments 

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Your clients are like so many of us when it comes to fighting the battle of the belly bulge.  Seems like no matter how much we sacrifice with our diet, the fat on the tummy just won’t budge.  Even more frustrating, it may be out of our control.


Why is Belly Fat so hard to defeat?



Female Hormones

When estrogen levels fall at peri-menopause and continue to fall through menopause, this leads to both fat gain and to fat redistribution.  Fat gain we understand, but we may not be familiar with fat redistribution.  When a woman hits the age of 40 (and beyond), the body actually ‘redistributes’ fat from other parts of the body to the abdomen.


Male Hormones

Likewise, falling testosterone levels in men at midlife lead to increases in belly fat.  Even worse, it’s a cycle for men.  Increasing abdominal fat actually reduces testosterone levels.  So, as testosterone levels fall, belly fat increases, and as belly fat increases, it triggers testosterone levels to fall, and so on.  When men reach middle age, just as with women, their bodies get fatter and ‘redistribute’ the fat to the abdomen.   



Who doesn’t ever feel stressed out?  When stressed, our brain produces hunger hormones that make us more likely to binge eat, especially on high-fat, high carb ‘comfort foods.’  To compound the effect, cortisol, the ‘stress hormone,’ rises, producing higher insulin levels which drop our blood sugar and make us crave sugary, fatty foods.



If your client says she lives a healthy lifestyle, and nevertheless has gained and kept on excess weight, genes could be to blame.  Genes control how our bodies burn calories, how fast we feel full, and where we gain weight – buttocks, thighs, hips, arms, abdomen.  


Metabolism & Eating Too Much

Our metabolic rate slows by 5% per decade.  By age 40, we’re burning 10% fewer calories than we did in our 20’s.  By age 50 our metabolism is 15% slower.  As our metabolic rate slows, our caloric needs decrease and the more likely ‘normal’ eating becomes ‘over’ eating.



You’re probably not surprised to hear that almost a third of us suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Researchers have learned that sleep-deprivation leads to overeating – and – insulin resistance, a metabolic disorder linked to diabetes and obesity.  



Muscle Mass

Ready for the double whammy?  Our muscles begin to shrink sometime in our late 30’s to early 40’s and what we lose in muscle, we gain in fat.  Since muscles burn twice the number of calories as any other body tissue, our caloric needs decrease, so what was once ‘normal’ eating becomes ‘over’ eating.   


Sedentary Lifestyle

Most of us sit while we work and work long hours which results in fewer calories expended.  Few of us follow an exercise program.


Good News & Bad News about Fat Cells

Some good news.  We do not produce new fat cells at and after age 40.  In fact, the number of fat cells we have is mostly fixed by adolescence.  Yay!  No more new fat cells. 


Bad news.  Those fixed number of fat cells possess the ability to infinitely increase in size.  Think about it.  If you have the same number of fat cells when you weigh130 pounds at age 45, and by age 55, you weigh 230 pounds, how much have your fat cells increased in size?  


We know we can lose inches and realize an overall inch loss when we lose weight…and shrink our fat cells.  And we realize we don’t control where we lose the weight and inches.  Genetics controls that. 


So…how can you lose the inches where you want to lose them?  And how can you do it without diet and exercise?  


With Non-Invasive Body Contouring!


Just 2 Ways to Lose Inches from the belly – the Hard Way and the Easy Way

Before we had non-invasive Body Contouring treatments, the only way to lose inches was to diet and exercise and lose weight.  We think we can all agree that’s the hard way. 


It’s not hard with non-invasive body contouring. It’s easy. Treatments cause damage to and shrink fat cells leading to a more sculpted body, eliminating the need for dieting, exercise, and even the need for weight loss.  And you can target specific areas – like the belly!


Lose Belly Fat – Lose the Inches where you want to lose them

Unlike with dieting, with non-invasive body contouring, you can pick and choose where you want to lose, or ‘contour.’  You can focus on your problem area, the area causing the most distress.  


Help your Clients lose Belly Fat the Easy Way – with Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Do your clients complain about their ever-expanding waistlines and broad belly bulges?  We bet the answer is a resounding YES.  Most of your clients have a hard time doing it the hard way – with diet and exercise. So…why don’t you offer them the easy way? 

Offer your clients non-invasive body contouring treatments.


Non-invasive body contouring treatments damage and shrink fat cells, reduce excess fluids, assist in eliminating toxins, and firm + tone the skin…all leading to the contouring and inch loss your clients want.  And the treatments we recommend are proven, safe, and effective.  


Learn more! 

Learn more about specific non-invasive body contouring treatments that will give your client what she wants – the Easy Way to the body she wants.  Learn more about a treatment we love.


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