Why a comprehensive body contouring protocol should include lymphatic boosters

woman receiving pressotherapy in the background with and illustration of a lymphatic system on the right side

Non-invasive fat reduction technology, like cavitation, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency or LED or diode laser, kills or damages your client’s fat cells in the treated area.  But on treatment day your clients don’t leave your business looking immediately slimmer and more sculpted.  True, the technology has fulfilled its role.  But at post-treatment, your client’s lymphatic system must…

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The Ultimate Body Contouring Supply List with FREE pdf Checklist

aesthetic treatment room with woman smiling standing with clip board

What supplies do you need to start doing body contouring, to open your new body sculpting business?  Whether you have a home based business or you’re working from a storefront, you will need the same supplies.  In this article, we lay out all of your body contouring supply essentials in our Ultimate Body Contouring Supply…

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6 forms you must include in your body contouring client record

female holding a clipboard and pen

Operating a body contouring business requires you to collect and record certain health information from your clients, and to document their treatments and the other care you provide, pretty much like what’s done in a doctor’s office.  And though you may not be running a medical practice, you should abide by the same standards and…

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Use our secret tactic to increase revenue and grow your medical spa

Increase revenue and grow your medical spa

In our medical spa, we developed a secret tactic to increase revenue that we share in this article.  It’s easily replicable, so you too, can use it to increase revenue and grow your medical spa.  This tactic enabled us to educate and bond with our patients, and ultimately grow our practice, simply by guaranteeing that…

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5 reasons to use video testimonials to grow your medical spa

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Use Video Testimonials

Do you use video testimonials to grow your medical spa?  If you don’t, you should start now.   The most believable and convincing messages don’t come from what we say.  Instead, the most persuasive messages come from the words of our satisfied customers.  Nothing trumps actually hearing a patient’s heartfelt delight with the transformation we…

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