How to choose the body contouring marketing channels that turn leads into income

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Businesses that provide aesthetic services, such as non-invasive body contouring, are not only growing in popularity; they’re expanding in number. This means you most likely have an increase in competition even as your consumer base grows. Which makes it even more critical to utilize proven body contouring marketing channels.

In this article, we guide you to the best body contouring marketing channels as we

(1) explore what effective marketing embodies;

(2) discuss your marketing channel options; and

(3) give you our proven strategy for the ultimate aesthetics business marketing channels mix

The Foundation of Marketing


Now, more than ever, the strength of your marketing foundation is key to your marketing success.

Have you dedicated time to the foundation of your marketing plan?

Because if you skip these fundamental steps, your marketing plan is likely to fall short regardless how much time and money you invest in marketing channels.

The foundation to marketing is key to your success


Determine these fundamentals first.

Who is your ideal customer?

  • Your target market has their own specific problems and concerns they want you to solve.
  • Understanding who your target market is is essential to understanding their problems and communicating why your business is the best choice to solve their problems.
  • Your messaging must convey to them that you understand them and have ‘just right’ solutions for them.

What is your USP,  your Unique Selling Proposition, your ‘Brand?”

  • As more competitors enter your market, your brand messaging becomes even more important.
  • Your brand must be differentiated, create a strong impression and stand out from all the rest.
  • Without a  well-defined brand, potential customers will either forget about you or base their decision to buy from you in regard to price alone.

How will your website convert your visitors to leads?

  • It’s not likely that your potential clients will come into your business to inquire about your services.
  • Instead they will visit your website.  After all, 92.3% of the population ‘googles it.’  
  • So your website must give them what they are looking for and have mechanisms in place to capture their contact information so you can follow up with them, nurture them and ultimately convert them into your customer.

Marketing Channels


Marketing channels are the avenue by which your business communicates with your target market to convince your target market to like you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

In addition to using the right marketing channels, you must follow the marketing rules.  

Your choices of marketing channels must “reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.” 

Types of Marketing Channels

Organic vs Paid Marketing Channels

Organic Marketing

  • Organic marketing is marketing that does not cost money, but it does require your time and effort.
  • Most (but not all) organic marketing efforts fall under digital channels.  

Paid Marketing

  • Paid marketing is marketing that you pay money to market your business…also referred to as advertising.
  • Advertising is the paid component of marketing, and can be accomplished via digital or traditional marketing channels.

Digital vs Traditional Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is done online.
  • Examples of digital marketing channels include content marketing, social media posts and SEO (search engine optimization).

Traditional Marketing

  • Traditional marketing is any form of marketing that is not done online.
  • Examples of traditional marketing channels include radio, direct mail and billboard.


Body Contouring Marketing Channel Options

 Organic Marketing Channels




Content Marketing (Blogs)

→ Regularly posted original blogs that educate, display your expertise and

provide helpful information with a call to action (CTA) within it.

→ Content Marketing (blogging) is a top five marketing channel for multiple reasons.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

→ Actions taken to boost your website ranking in search engines (Google) for specific queries, so your business’ website can get noticed (and clicked on)  by your target market.


Before/After Photos, Reviews and Testimonials

→ Your customer’s before and after photos and reviews and testimonials can be repurposed, used on your website, in emails, on landing pages, in social media posts and in paid ads.


Social Media Marketing

  • Posts made on social media platforms like Facebook and/or Instagram (the META companies) to promote your business, share content and drive traffic to your website.


Email Marketing

  • Nurturing emails that educate, nurture and maintain relationships (stay ‘top of mind’) with your clients, prospects and leads.
  • And/or monthly newsletters to your clients, prospects and leads.

Organic Marketing Channels



Educational Events

  • Hosting or participating in educational events not only sets your business apart as an authority, but also builds brand awareness and generates leads.


Referral Marketing (Word of Mouth)

  • An offer to current clients in exchange for a referral of a friend or family member.
  • More people believe recommendations from your customers over advertising.

Paid Advertising



Advertising is the paid component of marketing, and can be accomplished via digital or traditional channels.


Meta (Facebook or Instagram) Paid Ads


Search Engines (Google) PPC (Pay for Click) Ads

  • Targeted ads based on keywords you choose
  • Operate on a bidding system managed by Google
  • Search engines also offer ‘Banner Ads’


  • Retargeting utilizes “cookies” to track your website visitors who leave your site without taking action
  • After those visitors leave your site and land on other web pages, retargeting ads for your business show up on those web pages
  • These ads serve as a reminder of your business and services


Influencer Advertising

  • Partnership/contract with influencers who your target market already trusts to promote your services.
  • Can be digital (social media influencers)
  • Can be traditional (television or radio personalities)

Paid Advertising


  • Traditional marketing channels include any marketing channel that is not digital-based.
  • Examples include Radio, Television, Billboards, Direct Mail, and Print, i.e. magazine, flyers, neighborhood papers, etc.

Full Disclosure: there are many more marketing channels available

There are a multitude of marketing channels available.  


To prevent overwhelm in this article, we did not discuss

  • Business listings and directories
  • Google my business
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Networking
  • Podcasting or podcast guesting
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Native Marketing

…just to name a few.

Here’s the best plan to promote your aesthetics business or body contouring business

In fact, this plan will bring success for any personal services business!


The Ultimate Body Contouring Marketing Channels Mix


Create a firm Marketing Plan Foundation

  • Target Market Persona
  • Defined Brand
  • Converting Website

Set your budget



  • Make investing time and money on your website a priority
  • Leverage social posts on FB and/or IG to drive leads to your website
  • Host monthly or quarterly Educational Events
  • Send monthly Nurturing Emails to your clients, prospects and leads

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Once your budget allows

  • Consider Facebook or Instagram paid ads
  • Consider Google PPC ads (not banner ads)
  • Consider Influencer Marketing (social media or TV/Radio)



  • Study your Target Market
  • Be mindful how your Target Market behaves
  • Evaluate your brand
  • Study your competition
  • Keep your website current, relevant and functional
  • Track your metrics and adjust accordingly



  • Starting and growing an aesthetics business can be challenging.
  • Investing in your marketing education, undertaking the foundational marketing steps and choosing the right marketing channels will set you up for long term growth, profitability and success.

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